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Asha's been in the wars. Over two weeks ago now she had a big fall off the monkey bars at Natalya's house, nine hours later at midnight she was in theatre getting her badly broken bones realigned, stayed overnight at Starship. Not good. She's *so* brave though, incredibly strong. Ten days later we went in for a follow up xray and it had come apart again (wah!) so had to go through the whole theatre/hospital process again and we're again dealing with it all. Let's hope it sticks and heals well from here and with luck she'll get the cast off on the day before her 5th birthday. Oh I so hope that she does.

Lulu is still crazy. A new desire to dress as Cinderella daily which sits strangely with her usual tomboy behaviour but very very cute. Wicked sense of humour and a real touch of the clown about her. Beautiful girl.

Matt has started on a new project on the other side of the Bridge. Nothing exciting there unfortunately but working with some great people so that's a bonus.

I'm sick sick sick sick sick (morning afternoon and night) but the end is in sight - well, three weeks away with luck! Have booked in with an obstetrician this time after midwife support only with the girls so curious to see the differences there (probably none except an emptier bank account!) .. still interested in this New Zealand health system and seeing how it all works. Had my first energy burst in 4 weeks this morning and actually re-dressed three Blythes, first touch of them since the morning sickness hit. A good sign! Also had my first coffee this morning in weeks so the two may be connected. Watching the first Kangaroos (AFL) game on TV that has been broadcast here this year. Our magnificent magnolia tree is in full bloom, it's an amazing sight, caught the ladies from next door on a step ladder over the fence lopping off branches the other morning, oh well, share the joy I say. (small pic on my flickr, will take more tomorrow).

Hope everyone (in sthn hemisphere) is feeling the impending joy of Spring. Only 7 days to go.


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Aug. 28th, 2007 12:17 am (UTC)
Poor brave Asha xx xx
And poor sick Mumma Jo (though, you know I'd do ANYTHING for m/s!!)
Sorry I've been so slack.
I'm STILL trying to work out Facebook so we can reconnect.
I miss you x
No news from me, just my usual cruel body doing evil teasing things.
Character building they say.
Your girls are divine as usual.
Sarah x x x
Aug. 29th, 2007 08:31 am (UTC)
Poor Asha. Brave girl!
Hope it is off before her birthday.
Lulu just sounds gorgeous.
Hope the sickness leaves you alone fast Jo xxx
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